Tree Pruning for a Healthy Home Environment

29th March 2020
Sunlight in the kitchen

More Time At Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we spend more time at home, in an effort to flatten the curve and slow the spread of coronavirus, many of us are doing those jobs around the house that we didn’t have time to get to before. One such job, which is incredibly important coming into winter when there is a lot of sickness around, is cleaning to remove health hazards such as dust and mould.

Promoting Health

Research shows that fresh air and sunlight are effective in killing germs and stopping the spread of illness such as the flu virus. This is not a new concept; Open-Air Therapy was used to treat the Influenza Pandemic back in 1918.

By letting sunlight into your home, you are removing potentially harmful bacteria. Sunlight also has beneficial health properties for the human immune system, we need vitamin D to stay well.

How Tree Care Can Help

Pruning the trees on your property can allow air flow and let in sunlight. Removing dead branches will open space in the tree canopy promoting the health of your environment at home.   

Precision Tree Services can assist by taking the following action without a council permit:

  • Removal of deadwood from the trees on your property. This will also remove hazards and reduce the likelyhood of
  • Pruning the canopy of the trees on your property by 10% in line with council regulations and Australian Standards AS 4373 – 2007.
  • Clear undesirable species of trees which are on the council exemption list
  • Removal of unwanted parasites from your trees such as mistletoe.
  • Identification of hazards which are likely to present danger in the event of a storm.

Quality Tree Care and Maintenance

Precision Tree Services have been offering quality tree care and maintenance on the Northern Beaches for over 20 years. Our qualified, experienced staff always pay great attention to detail, leaving your property clean and clear at completion of the job.

The team at Precision Trees are up to date with the latest government health directions and trained to take all precautions to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. There is no need for face to face discussion as conversations regarding required work can take place over the telephone.

Call Adam today to find out how you can get more sunlight and fresh air into your home for a healthier winter ahead.

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