Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding Northern Beaches.

What is tree stump grinding?

Once a tree has been removed there are two options :

The tree can be cut to ground level (or above) and the tree stump can be left in the garden.

The stump and remaining large tree roots can be removed by being pulverised or ground out using a “stump grinder”. The crushed stump is usually dug out to below ground level (when there are no obstacles) so that dirt can be put back over the top and your garden can be restored.

Precision Tree Services have much experience in removing tree stumps of all sizes. Stump removal can be carried in most locations. If you require advice, please ask Adam today. He is only too happy to help.

Why stump grinding is important after tree removal

  • allows for new planting,
  • gets your garden space back,
  • improves your garden’s appearance,
  • can reduce the risk of termites,
  • can make way for building.

Tree stump grinding equipment Northern Beaches

Precision Tree Services has the right equipment to efficiently and neatly remove a tree stump of any size.

For tree stump grinding and removal services Northern Beaches contact tree lopper Adam Bridger for a quote.
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Precision Tree Lopping & Stump Grinding Northern Beaches

At Precision Tree Services Northern Beaches we care about our local environment and have been proudly servicing the community for 25+ years. Our specialist tree loppers and qualified arborists have the expertise and equipment to carry out all aspects of tree removal, pruning and any ongoing maintenance you may require at your home or workplace.  Our tree care team can assess the health of all trees on your property and remove branches that may be a safety risk, whilst improving the overall aesthetics of your garden and landscaping.

Our tree removal and maintenance services include :

We aim to provide the best service at affordable prices.  If you would like to know the cost to cut down or prune a tree, call Northern Beaches tree lopper and arborist Adam Bridger for a quote  on 0410 736 105 or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Precision Tree Services is a family owned Northern Beaches small business.

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