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Northern Beaches Palm Tree Removal & Pruning Services.

The benefits of regular palm tree maintenance

Keeping your palm trees clean and tidy has many benefits:

  • The obvious reason is the aesthetic quality a clean and tidy yard can bring to your garden.
  • It keeps pests at bay such as rats and ticks that love dead palm fronds.
  • It prevents fire hazards by removing the dead and dry palm leaves.
  • Big heavy palm fronds can fall or be blown around landing on cars, pedestrians, your property and neighbouring property.
  • Some Palm Trees, for example the Cocos Palm, produce seeds that fall to the ground or into the storm water and germinate. The seeds are attractive to large birds, possums, bats and vermin.

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Palm tree removal services

Do you have a palm tree that needs to be removed?

At Precision Tree Services, we care about the local treescape and wildlife. Tree preservation on the Northern Beaches is important to us and we pride ourselves on our tree care services that promote the health of trees in our local community environment. We would much rather see a healthy tree retained when it is possible to do so.

Common reasons for palm removal

It is a fact that sometimes a tree needs to be removed for good reason.

Common reasons palms are removed include : 

  • the palm tree may be an undesirable species
  • the palm tree may be dead or in decline
  • the palm tree may have damage that could put the tree at risk of becoming a hazard which is dangerous and could cause harm to persons or property
  • the palm tree may be growing in an inappropriate environment and causing damage to property
  • the palm tree may be structurally unstable

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Palm tree removal regulations

Removal of specific palm tree species

Another important consideration why trees are often removed is the species of palm tree. An undesirable species of palm can be detrimental to our native flora and fauna. If a palm tree is in the way of new construction it is necessary to apply for a development application with local council to determine whether the tree can be removed.

If you require assistance in determining whether a tree should be retained or removed, call our Arborist Adam on 0410 736 105 for palm tree removal advice.  He will be happy to come and have a look to help you work out the best course of action.

Palm tree removal consent

We provide palm removal services for unsuitable and hazardous trees according to council consent. It is important to check with your council for regulations on protected species of palm trees and the list of exempt species which can be removed.

Ku-ring-gai or Northern Beaches Council will notify you if you require a palm tree report from a consulting level 5 Arborist to go with a tree removal application.

Helpful Council palm tree removal links

For palm tree removal and maintenance services, contact Adam for assistance.
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Precision Palm Tree Removal & Lopping Northern Beaches

At Precision Tree Services Northern Beaches we care about our local environment and have been proudly servicing the community for 25+ years. Our specialist tree loppers and qualified arborists have the expertise and equipment to carry out all aspects of tree removal, pruning and any ongoing maintenance you may require at your home or workplace.  Our tree care team can assess the health of all trees on your property and remove branches that may be a safety risk, whilst improving the overall aesthetics of your garden and landscaping.

Our tree removal and maintenance services include :

We aim to provide the best service at affordable prices.  If you would like to know the cost to cut down or prune a tree, call Northern Beaches tree lopper and arborist Adam Bridger for a quote  on 0410 736 105 or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Precision Tree Services is a family owned Northern Beaches small business.

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